Tankless Water Heaters

Never Run Out of Hot Water Again

Phil’s Propane strives to integrate the very best products for all of our residential and commercial customers when it comes to water heater installation. That is why we have chosen high-efficiency propane heaters as our operating systems for all installations and world-renowned tankless water heater from Rinnai as our dependable partner brand!

Completed Installs

Rinnai Tankless Water Heater

Rinnai is known for unsurpassed quality, reliability, and product life. Aside from its incredible performance for both homes and businesses, Rinnai products offer our customers in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts additional unrivaled benefits, such as:

  • Endless Supply of Hot Water
  • More Space in Your Home
  • Save On Energy and Water Costs
  • Longer Product Life
  • And more…

Endless Hot Water?

You read that right! Phil’s Propane and Rinnai provide all of our customers with an endless supply of hot water for any almost any application. Gone are the days when the last person in the shower gets the chills from the frigid falling water, or the last employee in the restaurant’s kitchen has to scrub cold plates. Through an advanced box that’s about the size of a suitcase, you can continuously heat all the water coming through your pipes without wait times or an oversized tank!


The process is simple. The water from the inlet pipe at the bottom of the heater is pumped through the machine and the device’s flame is ignited. This flame heats the two stainless steel heat exchangers and the water is preheated to whatever temperature you desire! No heat is lost in the exchange and hot water passes uninterrupted through the home or business fixture, perpetually giving you the hot water you need - on demand. 

Recirculation Technology

Rinnai Circ-Logic technology lets you set recirculation patterns that match your usage patterns over time. This increases the efficiency of the hot water system and gives you more savings on utilities, annually! Rinnai tankless water heaters are already using 40% less energy than a traditional tank, so imagine how much more hot water you could have with Rinnai, Phil’s Propane, and innovative recirculation options!

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