Smart Homes

A New Generation of Intelligent Heat

Adjusting the thermostat in your home or business can be a constant battle. Different people enjoy different temperatures and may adjust things to fit their comfort level. These spikes in temperature can lead to all kinds of unpleasantness that you just don’t need, not to mention elevations in your monthly utility spending!

It’s time to heat your interior the smart way with Smart Home and the Ecobee4 from Phil’s Propane!


What is the Ecobee4?

The Ecobee4 is an innovative heating and cooling device that works with your existing property layout to give you the ideal indoor temperature, no matter the season. This sophisticated Smart Home device learns your unique energy profile through intricate sensor technology and transforms thousands of data points into precise automated temperature fluctuations based on usage, occupancy, and more. From this process, everything is regulated, and heating and cooling aren’t wasted on seldom-used rooms and areas. That kind of efficiency translates into savings over time!

But the Ecobee4 isn’t just about making rooms comfortable for you. It is also engineered for modern integration and the ultimate convenience! The Ecobee4 seamlessly integrates with Amazon’s Alexa and comes with Voice Service built-in. It listens, responds, and reacts to commands, and answers back using an internal microphone – even from across the room. Like Alexa, you can give it non-HVAC commands such as:

  • Set A Timer
  • Play Jazz
  • Adjust The Temperature
  • Ask for A Recipe
  • Add Eggs to My Shopping List
  • And more…


 Engineered for Intelligence

As part of a Smart Home system, The Ecobee4 is completely hands-free and designed to make your life easier and much more comfortable. Purposefully-built to be seen and heard but not intrusive, it is sleek, modern, and splendidly blends into your interior surroundings without being an eyesore.

The Ecobee4 keeps up with your speed too, and even responds to commands when you are away, using the iOS technology, Apple Watch, Android devices! You can set reminders, receive alerts, even control the volume of your system by the push of a button. With the Ecobee4, you’re in the driver’s seat.

 Save More on Energy & Utilities

Maybe one of the best features of the Ecobee4 is the very REAL savings and ROI you get almost immediately after install. What kind of savings? Customers who have the Ecobee4 can see savings on heating and cooling costs of up to 23%, year-after-year!

The Ecobee4 is Energy Star-rated, offers FREE energy reports on monthly usage, and provides money-saving insight into your unique heating and cooling situation so you can act. It has the advanced capabilities to know when to adjust accordingly and ensure your interior temperature is nothing less than optimal.

 Simple. Effective. Built to Last

With Phil’s Propane, the Ecobee4 is easy to install and maintain. It is hard-wired into your home’s electrical system, so there are no batteries to replace. This innovative technology is also always setup by our experienced, knowledgeable techs, so you never have to worry, and the results for this almost-magical device speak for themselves!

For more information concerning the Ecobee4, Smart Home technology, or to schedule your FREE estimate, please call Phil's Propane today at 401-624-6395.