Propane Heating

The Science Behind Propane Heat

You’ve heard that propane heat is efficient. You’ve heard that is burns cleaner and is better for the planet than many other forms of fuel. But do you know why that is? What makes propane one of the most popular forms of fuel in the industry today?


Let us shed some light on the uses and benefits of propane and show you why you should make it the number-one fuel source for your home and business!

What Are the Benefits of Propane?

Customers choose propane for their homes and businesses because it is a higher-efficiency fuel then electricity or gas. With propane, there is also less maintenance and greater convenience, as everything that runs on electricity can be run on propane. Propane more than satisfies EPA standards when it comes to emissions, and is less harmful to the environment, overall.


But more than simply operation and green compatibility, propane is more economical and reliable, year-round. It is one of the world’s most abundant and readily-available resources, and it is safe and easy to store and use.


Propane is also largely made in the U.S., and after an initial investment in a propane system, the savings and ROI on propane far exceeds any of its counterparts in the long-term. Propane is a modern, consumer-friendly source of fuel and has nearly limitless commercial and residential applications.

Propane tanks

How Does Propane Heat Work?

Propane is generally a gas, but it is compressed into a liquid for use in heaters and in outdoor grills. Once being used, it is converted back to gas when it is released. Propane heaters feature an element, usually porcelain, that spreads a lit fuel and flame out in a discernable pattern and helps distribute the heat that is produced. The pilot light on a device – a small flame that stays on continuously – lights the main burner on the propane heater device, and an automatic thermostat regulates the temperature within the heater itself. 


Safety Measures

As the propane burns and creates heat, it is important to watch for and regulate carbon monoxide (such as in the case of a leak). Your Phil’s Propane technician will install everything for you and ensure all is in working order. However, it is important to be vigilant.

Underground Tank Installation

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