CommercIAl Services

Local Propane Helping Local Businesses

Businesses need fuel to run. Whether it’s the coffee that helps employees stay alert, or the machinery that produces the products that get shipped out, businesses use fuel every day to get the job done.

Safety. Reliability. Responsiveness.

In Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, smart businesses run on clean-burning efficient propane from Phil’s! Whether you own an industrial, construction, agriculture business, shipping company, or commercial heating, you can always look to us to solve your propane needs, quickly and efficiently:

  • Commercial Cooking
  • Building & Development
  • Farming & ​Agriculture
  • Refill & Refuel Stations
  • Propane Powered Forklifts & Manufacturing
  • Commercial Heating
  • Fleet Fuel & Transportation
  • And more…

Why Choose Us?

Why Phil’s Propane? What makes us unique from other providers in southern New England? The answer is simple: we work with your business, on a personal level, to ensure the very best experience.


Phil’s Propane puts your safety and the safety of your business first. Our management works closely with our professional staff members to ensure all procedures are followed, and all safety measures (industry and otherwise) are in place during installation and service. More than that, our company maintains our reliability by tracking every piece of equipment we send out to your business to ensure a proactive approach to our solutions. We’re a local business serving local business, so we know what our fuel deliveries mean to your bottom line. That is why we strive to do more, every day.

Our Professional Difference

Working with Phil’s Propane also allows for a variety of advantages you wouldn’t see with other companies. We never charge for installation and setups of new tanks, and we include helpful tests like safety and pressure checks. Our company always works to match your commercial budget and devises affordable payment plans that work for you. We do not charge for transporting propane fuel, nor for termination of services. In fact, our licensed, insured, certified staff will perpetually monitor your propane levels for you, and provide you with credit for the fuel you do not use! It’s all part of our service promise to you.

For more information concerning our commercial propane offers, or to schedule your FREE estimate with us, please call Phil’s Propane at 401-624-6395