What Our Customers Are Saying

KB White

Great service friendly people and the prices are right.

Facebook Review - 08/01/2018

Sean Stuart

Great service, reasonable prices! Consistently the best company I deal with!!!

Facebook Review - 08/27/2018

Benjamin Coleman

I've been refilling my propane tanks there for the past three years. They're always friendly, their service is fast, and their prices are reasonable.

Google Review - 08/01/2018

Karen Chafton

Had to stop in on business. The office lady that greeted me and took care of me was very nice and knowledgeable, then they gave me all kinds of promotional items, reuseable grocery bags , pens, letter opener, ruler, cup koozy etc oh and candy, perfect way to get someone to smile, lol!

Google Review - 08/27/2018

Mike M.

Recently installed a propane fireplace and Phils installed the tank and gas lines. They were easy to work with and came when they stated they would.

Yelp Review - 08/01/2018

Gary G.

Best Propane Company in the area..... Best service and prices around.

Facebook Review - 08/27/2018

Go Clam

I was a customer of another local propane company who could not seem to return phone calls and recently switched to Phil's Propane. Their customer service, technicians and delivery drivers are fantastic!!!!!! (no wonder why my dad always used Phil's, dad knows best!)

Google Review - 08/01/2018

Jennifer D.

I signed up for service with Phil's at the beginning of the cold season 2017, after having dealt too many really terrible and shady propane providers. So happy I found them! Great customer service, competitive prices, hassle free delivery. Just one less thing to worry about over the winter. I highly recommend.

Yelp Review - 08/27/2018

Donna Oliveira Gadbois

I’m so glad we switched over to Phil’s...friendly, professional service!

Facebook Review - 08/01/2018

Barbara Derecktor Donahue

Thank you very much to Phil's Propane who have been delivering oil to our home for more than 20 years!

Facebook Review - 08/27/2018

David Petrocelli

Phils crew was attentive and responsive to our project desires. They also offered insights that improved the vision we had. They were accountable to project completion and generous with their knowledge. We look forward to our next heating project in the future.

Facebook Review - 08/01/2018

Ruth Platner

Amazing workmanship!! Phil's installed a propane line into my house. This required drilling through a 16 inch thick wall of granite and concrete, with some rebar added in to make things even more challenging. Mike and Kevin first determined how to do this with the least amount of damage to the granite exterior, then Mike made a small pilot hole that just knocked out a very small piece of granite, then he made the larger and final hole, which took tremendous strength to hold and control the drill and then guide it around a piece of rebar. With the hole drilled, Mike did the pipe fitting inside with a neat, straight run and left everything looking great both inside and out. Phil's has terrific staff!

Facebook Review - 08/27/2018