Propane is a safe source for many needs, but to ensure your safety, we've included some tips below that could be helpful:


If you smell or detect a propane gas leak, immediately extinguish all smoking materials and open flames. Do not touch any electrical switches, light matches or create any other source of ignition. Evacuate everyone from the home and away from gas equipment. Once you are away from the home, use your cell phone or a neighbors phone, to call Phil's Propane at (401) 618-0388 or the fire department. DO NOT re-enter the area until it has been deemed safe.

Know where your propane gas lines are located.

Service the furnace regularly as recommended by the manufacturer. If pets are present in the home, this may need to be performed more frequently.

Dont store any flammable liquids such as gasoline or cleaning fluids near a propane gas-burning appliance where vapors could be ignited.

In an enclosed or partially enclosed space never use a generator or gas grill.

Lastly, please always ensure your propane tank is accessible.

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