Established Residential, Commercial & Industrial Propane Company located in Tiverton, Rhode Island


Established Residential, Commercial & Industrial Propane Company located in Tiverton, Rhode Island


Established Residential, Commercial & Industrial Propane Company located in Tiverton, Rhode Island

Local Heating Services You Can Count On

Phil’s Propane has more than 8,000 residential, commercial, and industrial accounts across Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. Our company integrates the latest technology, the best name brands, and time-tested service in order to provide all of our clients with the heating assistance they need.


From bulk fuel delivery and space-heating installation to service for water heaters, aboveground and belowground propane tanks, and all equipment in between, you can always rely on us for all types of work when it comes to propane. For your convenience and peace of mind, our company is also available 24/7 for any emergency services, offers FREE estimates and FREE safety checks. We will always work with your budget and schedule to give you the very best, and ensure an experience our competitors can’t match.

About Us

Propane Experts That Do More

Since 1952, Phil’s Propane has been the top heating specialists for homes and businesses in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts. Our technology, training, and complete installation capabilities allow us to give you, our valued customer, the exceptional service experience you deserve, every time.

Our Services

Scott Kindness

The service provided was phenomenal. Tom & Tom (TnT) along with Gary, just left after an extensive installation. These gentlemen made some recommendations and were able to do those changes on the fly. Very professional and highly recommended. I also have to mention the two ladies that did the scheduling Peggy and Christine. Phil: You must be so proud to have such a professionally SOLID crew.

Yelp Review - 08/28/2018

Go Clam

I was a customer of another local propane company who could not seem to return phone calls and recently switched to Phil's Propane. Their customer service, technicians and delivery drivers are fantastic!!!!!! (no wonder why my dad always used Phil's, dad knows best!)

Google Review - 08/01/2018

Mike M.

Recently installed a propane fireplace and Phils installed the tank and gas lines. They were easy to work with and came when they stated they would.

Yelp Review - 08/01/2018

Benjamin Coleman

I've been refilling my propane tanks there for the past three years. They're always friendly, their service is fast, and their prices are reasonable.

Google Review - 08/01/2018

Glory Gooding

I had the pleasure of meeting your techs, Tom W and Tom C. They are the nicest men to deal with as they installed my new propane tank!

Google Review - 07/29/2019

Lyn Muckerheide

I am a Phil's Propane customer, but usually don't have much reason to have interactions with the service technicians. However, I was recently on an early morning walk with my dog, and I noticed the Phil's Propane truck parked down the street. As I passed by the truck, the technician, Peter, started to approach me. He had a treat for my dog! I want to praise Peter for his friendliness and kindness. He could have complained about having to be out working on a very cold Saturday morning. Instead, he found a way to make his workday a positive one and to spread that positive attitude to others.

Google Review - 01/16/2019

Ken Goes

I'd like to thank you for having your workers come to our house today and install the piping between the generator and the propane tanks two weeks earlier than what was originally scheduled. You sent the team of Tom and Tom, who were as professional and courteous as they were the first time they came out to deliver the tank. My wife and I appreciate professional people who respect our property and do an efficient job. This confirms our decision to do business with Phil's was the right thing to do.

Google Review - 07/29/2019

Mike Kalinoski

I have two large Phil's Propane tanks that were installed last October on my land in Little Compton, I'm emailing to compliment your staff on the fantastic customer service they provided with both the installation and subsequent re leveling of these tanks. Tpm C, Tom W, Peggy, and Christine were all extremely helpful throughout this process.

Google Review - 05/02/2019

Jennifer D.

I signed up for service with Phil's at the beginning of the cold season 2017, after having dealt too many really terrible and shady propane providers. So happy I found them! Great customer service, competitive prices, hassle free delivery. Just one less thing to worry about over the winter. I highly recommend.

Yelp Review - 08/28/2018

Sara Riley, LMT

My husband and I have been customers since we bought our cottage 15 years ago. All these years later, we have finally finished building our dream house adjacent on the property. My father-in-law tried to convince us to purchase our own 500 gallon tank so we would be free to shop around for better propane prices. While we always appreciate his advice, we knew it was no contest - Phil’s propane has been good to us over the years, and we trust the company you have worked so hard to build. We didn't hesitate to sign a contract. When it came down to negotiating the logistics, Peggy was fabulous - and a total doll. You simply couldn’t find better customer service. I felt like I was being treated as family, and I truly enjoyed speaking with her. By coincidence, I discovered that the service-man who spec-ed out and installed the 500 gallon was Peggy’s husband, Kevin. From the start, he was professional, well-informed, and clearly very good at his job. I had the utmost of confidence in this team. They each took steps that went above and beyond - and showed Phil’s Propane to be a true family business. I can not tell you how grateful I am… not just for the excellent service, but for the reminder that we’re all here to take care of one another. Far too many companies follow the bottom line in lieu of the golden rule. But for companies committed to service, as yours is, your customers will always stand behind you. Thank you. PS. I was pleased to inform my father-in-law (who insisted on buying and installing his own propane tank) that Phil’s rates were lower than the ones he was paying. Haha. It pays to pay Phil. ;)~

Sara Riley, LMT - 08/17/2021

Lauren Swensen

Phil’s staff went above and beyond for us when converting and installing our gas range. A big box store was supposed to disconnect, haul away, and set up the new range for Phil’s to come and convert and connect. None of the steps were done by the delivery service and Phil’s team brought a few extra guys down and did it all themselves for us! They were so kind and thoughtful to give us a hand when it was absolutely not in the required scope of work. We are so grateful for their kindness and saving us a few days or more without an oven!

Sara Riley, LMT - 08/17/2021

David Petrocelli

Phils crew was attentive and responsive to our project desires. They also offered insights that improved the vision we had. They were accountable to project completion and generous with their knowledge. We look forward to our next heating project in the future.

Sara Riley, LMT - 08/17/2021


Homeowners  come to us for installation, maintenance, and service because they know we get the job done right. Become a member of our business family and discover everything we can do!


If you run a business, working heat should never be one of your major concerns. Let Phil’s Propane make sure it never is with installations and services that keep your systems running smoothly.